You Have My Permission to Find Yourself.

Creating your best self. Everyone always says it, but what does it really mean? It may sound wonderful, but with the busy lives we lead, taking time for ourself is easier said than done. I challenge you to make YOU a priority. I’m giving you permission (reminding you) because this is something we tend to put on the back burner. Whether it’s 30 minutes a day or saying positive affirmations to yourself while driving to work, baby steps will make a big difference.

Becoming self-aware has been a turning point for me as I have made me a priority. When bad things happen, we fall victim or immediately start speaking negatively to the universe. Reflect on what this event was and how it made you feel. You will start to connect the dots on certain situations and how you react to them. Once you become aware of this, you will better prepare yourself for future instances. Ask yourself, “Why do I feel this way? What triggers my anxiety? Why do I immediately put everything on myself when really it’s not my fault?” These types of questions will help provide clarity. You will come to terms with your inner-self about things you may not have realized before.

Don’t be afraid to ween the negativity out of your life. This includes toxic relationships, negative self-talk, an unhealthy diet or a stressful career. These things will not aid in creating your best self, but will create the opposite. This process is also not easy, but as you begin to rid yourself, you will feel the weight slowly lift off your shoulders brick by brick. You start to see yourself in a new light. That dreadful mirror will become a reflection of that beautiful person smiling back at you. You will become more confident and begin to attract like human beings into your world. All of these puzzle pieces are crucial to finding the man or woman you truly wish to be.

You are in the driver’s seat. Nobody can create the life you want to live or the person you want to be but you. HOW POWERFUL IS THAT?! Gain that clarity, become self-aware, ween out the negative and start spreading the love. Make a list of the person you wish to be and how you want to be remembered by others. Take steps now, not Monday, not next month, NOW. Think of this process as a crockpot not a microwave, so be patient. Instant gratifications that will keep you motivated are being kind to others, positive self-talk, and waking up grateful each and every day. There is only one of you, never forget that.

So go out and create your best self because remember….I gave you permission! xo


Can I have your full attention?

These days, every where you look people are constantly on their cell phones. Couples at dinner together, people driving, when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone, people barely can keep their phones out of their hands. If you stopped and thought about how much you are scrolling on your phone on a daily basis, I bet the amount of time would shock you. Tonight I decided that I would make everyone put their cell phones away as we ate dinner at a restaurant. I wanted everyone to be present in the moment. I┬ádefinitely received some dirty looks and not-so-happy campers when I suggested this (haha) but they complied with the rule and it was awesome!

The 24 hours that we are given each day flies by due to our busy schedules. Adding “cell phone time” to that schedule makes you question when the last time was that you actually took in the moment. What if you miss your child’s one basket at their basketball game or your babies first step because you were on your phone. With Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, (I could go on and on) it is so easy to get distracted. But, moments spent with the people we love are so precious because you never know what could happen.

I suggest taking a week long hiatus from social media periodically. It really opens your eyes to how much time you spend on your phone. You reflect, actually have real conversations, and fall asleep quicker than if you were shining that bright light in your face before bed. It gives our fingers and our minds a break. People will probably tell you it is nice to see your face instead of buried in your phone! You will realize you listen more intently and can respond better when you’re not distracted. I would definitely give it a whirl and see you how you feel.

As I always say, you can speak anything to existence. I am moving in a couple of weeks and I have been telling myself that when all 4 of my family members go out to eat together, I will have them put their phones away. With our busy schedules, I wasn’t sure when we all would make this happen, but I knew it WOULD happen. Sure enough, tonight was the night! It was so refreshing to have conversations where everyone was engaged. No one was distracted and no one had to repeat themselves. I told them a couple hours disconnected will not kill them and I think we all enjoyed dinner even more. So put the phones away at dinner, focus on the road, and live in the moment.

Yours truly xo

Thankful Every Day


One day isn’t enough to show how thankful you are. Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only day that reminds us to be thankful. Practicing gratitude every day is very important. It reminds us that we don’t have it so bad after all and that things in our life could be much worse. When you take a minute to think about the people that make your life so beautiful, that right there is showing how grateful you are to them.

Sometimes when our days start off on the wrong foot, our mind shifts to a negative state. We have to focus on the good and how wonderful it is to be living every single day. If something happens that you weren’t expecting, deal with it and move on immediately. Don’t dwell on the things that are out of your control because in life, nothing is ever really “in control.” Things happen out of the blue all of the time, so we take it in, find a solution and move on.

Practicing gratitude allows us to stay humble and keep a sense of peace in our lives. It reminds us where we came from and keeps us grounded. As life hits, we may stray away from our roots and different people come into our lives. Use each situation and person as learning tools while always staying true to who you are. When I think back to growing up and my childhood, that is instant gratification for me. It brings an immediate smile to my face because it was full of adventure and love. Now, I know not everyone had the best childhood, but when you’re feeling lost, take yourself back to that place that made you feel whole and overwhelmed with joy.

Little things seem to pile up sometimes because we created that situation in our mind. It is all about how you look at situations. When you go through tough times, you could either look at it as the best thing to ever happen to you or the worst thing. I choose the best thing in order to use that as motivation to catapult me into something better.

All in all, I absolutely love Thanksgiving. It brings you together with family and friends to celebrate the joy of spending time together. But, keep this feeling with you every day. When times get tough, think about the happy moments in your life, the people who have been there or just a funny show you watched the other day. You should be grateful that you have your eye sight in order to watch that show or see the happy moments you share with others. Little things like that is practicing gratitude. Stay humble, stay grateful and I promise you, you will be happier.

How a vision board changes your mind set.

I was introduced to the idea of a vision board years ago. I understood it, but never gave it a second thought. When I really started digging deep into personal development and became clear on my goals and the person I wanted to become, I made my board. Now, I look at it every single day in order to remind me of what my vision continues to be for my future.

It is really simple to make a vision board. All you need is poster board, scissors, glue, old magazines or you could print things off from the computer! I chose both. I wrote out my goals first then when I began creating my board, I was cutting and pasting nonstop! It’s like the pages of the magazines that I needed jumped out right away for me to choose.

The mind is a powerful tool. When you see this board everyday, it shows you your “why.” You see your goals, therefore you think about them. When you think about them, you need to feel how good those things make you feel or how great you will feel when you accomplish them! This is you putting your energy out into the Universe and working with the Law of Attraction. The more you can feel these goals in your possession or feel yourself touching the steering wheel of your dream car, you are attracting these images into your life. Like attracts like with Law of Attraction. If you wholeheartedly believe you will achieve your wildest dreams, then indeed you will!

I am in love with my vision board. It has everything from adjectives describing who I want to become, my dream place to live, my dream job and my dream car. I look at my board as I begin meditation so I have a clear sight of my goals before I close my eyes. Every time I lay eyes on this, I become overwhelmed with joy and very grounded. I created my board about 4 months ago, and each piece is still true to where I am going in my journey. I think about my vision board constantly, I feel good about it and I know I will accomplish every picture on it.

In the hustle and bustle of life, you may get lost and forget why you’re doing the things your doing, but if you win each day, you become closer and closer to your vision. The boards are the perfect reminder to stay on course and keep going. When things become tough, you see this board and all the bad thoughts wash away. Keep this in sight and you will be practicing the Law of Attraction each and everyday. These goals that you constantly think about, you will draw into your life. Isn’t that amazing? So grab your supplies and get started today!

Hey! I woke up today!

As you wake up in the morning, your feet hit the ground, you wipe the sleepies from your eyes, you stand tall as you stretch, this is all part of a positive start to your day. How your day begins, sets the tone of how your day will play out. I used to jump out of bed, run to the shower, get ready, head to work, not taking a second to realize, hey! I woke up today.

When I began to establish a morning routine, I opened the doors to more peace and positivity in my life. I feel more grateful, I stop to breath in moments and even though my life is still fast-paced, I have slowed down. Your morning routines will develop and change overtime. But, taking small steps to add to your morning, I promise it will begin to change you as a person.

I meditate, write and read every morning. Even I am new to this game, so as I had said previously, I know my routine will change overtime as I see fit. Meditation has become a huge part of my life. I am a person who goes a million miles a minute. These 5-10 minutes every morning to surrender and listen to my body breath, has started every morning on a very peaceful note. I will go deep into meditation in a future post, but if you have trouble focusing like I always did at first, download an app to guide you! I personally started using Headspace and it truly helped me hone in on my breathing. When I take time to write, it could be anything from gratitude exercises, what I want to accomplish that day or practicing my self-affirmations. I have started reading ten pages in the morning as another calming mind exercise. All-in-all I have added an hour to my mornings in order to set the tone for the day. If you need to, go to bed an hour earlier to accomplish this. Like anything, practice makes perfect. Baby steps will create a habit and a morning routine is a great habit to acquire.

I promise this will slow down time for you and ground you before you start your day. Life gets so cluttered with tasks that we forget to take time to ourself. By adding this self love to each and every morning, we are able to provide our better self to those we come into contact with throughout the day. I feel I smile more, I take in moments more, and I am more calm throughout the day when stressful situations arise. Give it a shot! With trial and error you will find what works best for you. Also, don’t forget to tell yourself, “hey! I woke up today!”