Hey! I woke up today!

As you wake up in the morning, your feet hit the ground, you wipe the sleepies from your eyes, you stand tall as you stretch, this is all part of a positive start to your day. How your day begins, sets the tone of how your day will play out. I used to jump out of bed, run to the shower, get ready, head to work, not taking a second to realize, hey! I woke up today.

When I began to establish a morning routine, I opened the doors to more peace and positivity in my life. I feel more grateful, I stop to breath in moments and even though my life is still fast-paced, I have slowed down. Your morning routines will develop and change overtime. But, taking small steps to add to your morning, I promise it will begin to change you as a person.

I meditate, write and read every morning. Even I am new to this game, so as I had said previously, I know my routine will change overtime as I see fit. Meditation has become a huge part of my life. I am a person who goes a million miles a minute. These 5-10 minutes every morning to surrender and listen to my body breath, has started every morning on a very peaceful note. I will go deep into meditation in a future post, but if you have trouble focusing like I always did at first, download an app to guide you! I personally started using Headspace and it truly helped me hone in on my breathing. When I take time to write, it could be anything from gratitude exercises, what I want to accomplish that day or practicing my self-affirmations. I have started reading ten pages in the morning as another calming mind exercise. All-in-all I have added an hour to my mornings in order to set the tone for the day. If you need to, go to bed an hour earlier to accomplish this. Like anything, practice makes perfect. Baby steps will create a habit and a morning routine is a great habit to acquire.

I promise this will slow down time for you and ground you before you start your day. Life gets so cluttered with tasks that we forget to take time to ourself. By adding this self love to each and every morning, we are able to provide our better self to those we come into contact with throughout the day. I feel I smile more, I take in moments more, and I am more calm throughout the day when stressful situations arise. Give it a shot! With trial and error you will find what works best for you. Also, don’t forget to tell yourself, “hey! I woke up today!”


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