How a vision board changes your mind set.

I was introduced to the idea of a vision board years ago. I understood it, but never gave it a second thought. When I really started digging deep into personal development and became clear on my goals and the person I wanted to become, I made my board. Now, I look at it every single day in order to remind me of what my vision continues to be for my future.

It is really simple to make a vision board. All you need is poster board, scissors, glue, old magazines or you could print things off from the computer! I chose both. I wrote out my goals first then when I began creating my board, I was cutting and pasting nonstop! It’s like the pages of the magazines that I needed jumped out right away for me to choose.

The mind is a powerful tool. When you see this board everyday, it shows you your “why.” You see your goals, therefore you think about them. When you think about them, you need to feel how good those things make you feel or how great you will feel when you accomplish them! This is you putting your energy out into the Universe and working with the Law of Attraction. The more you can feel these goals in your possession or feel yourself touching the steering wheel of your dream car, you are attracting these images into your life. Like attracts like with Law of Attraction. If you wholeheartedly believe you will achieve your wildest dreams, then indeed you will!

I am in love with my vision board. It has everything from adjectives describing who I want to become, my dream place to live, my dream job and my dream car. I look at my board as I begin meditation so I have a clear sight of my goals before I close my eyes. Every time I lay eyes on this, I become overwhelmed with joy and very grounded. I created my board about 4 months ago, and each piece is still true to where I am going in my journey. I think about my vision board constantly, I feel good about it and I know I will accomplish every picture on it.

In the hustle and bustle of life, you may get lost and forget why you’re doing the things your doing, but if you win each day, you become closer and closer to your vision. The boards are the perfect reminder to stay on course and keep going. When things become tough, you see this board and all the bad thoughts wash away. Keep this in sight and you will be practicing the Law of Attraction each and everyday. These goals that you constantly think about, you will draw into your life. Isn’t that amazing? So grab your supplies and get started today!


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