Thankful Every Day


One day isn’t enough to show how thankful you are. Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only day that reminds us to be thankful. Practicing gratitude every day is very important. It reminds us that we don’t have it so bad after all and that things in our life could be much worse. When you take a minute to think about the people that make your life so beautiful, that right there is showing how grateful you are to them.

Sometimes when our days start off on the wrong foot, our mind shifts to a negative state. We have to focus on the good and how wonderful it is to be living every single day. If something happens that you weren’t expecting, deal with it and move on immediately. Don’t dwell on the things that are out of your control because in life, nothing is ever really “in control.” Things happen out of the blue all of the time, so we take it in, find a solution and move on.

Practicing gratitude allows us to stay humble and keep a sense of peace in our lives. It reminds us where we came from and keeps us grounded. As life hits, we may stray away from our roots and different people come into our lives. Use each situation and person as learning tools while always staying true to who you are. When I think back to growing up and my childhood, that is instant gratification for me. It brings an immediate smile to my face because it was full of adventure and love. Now, I know not everyone had the best childhood, but when you’re feeling lost, take yourself back to that place that made you feel whole and overwhelmed with joy.

Little things seem to pile up sometimes because we created that situation in our mind. It is all about how you look at situations. When you go through tough times, you could either look at it as the best thing to ever happen to you or the worst thing. I choose the best thing in order to use that as motivation to catapult me into something better.

All in all, I absolutely love Thanksgiving. It brings you together with family and friends to celebrate the joy of spending time together. But, keep this feeling with you every day. When times get tough, think about the happy moments in your life, the people who have been there or just a funny show you watched the other day. You should be grateful that you have your eye sight in order to watch that show or see the happy moments you share with others. Little things like that is practicing gratitude. Stay humble, stay grateful and I promise you, you will be happier.


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