Can I have your full attention?

These days, every where you look people are constantly on their cell phones. Couples at dinner together, people driving, when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone, people barely can keep their phones out of their hands. If you stopped and thought about how much you are scrolling on your phone on a daily basis, I bet the amount of time would shock you. Tonight I decided that I would make everyone put their cell phones away as we ate dinner at a restaurant. I wanted everyone to be present in the moment. I¬†definitely received some dirty looks and not-so-happy campers when I suggested this (haha) but they complied with the rule and it was awesome!

The 24 hours that we are given each day flies by due to our busy schedules. Adding “cell phone time” to that schedule makes you question when the last time was that you actually took in the moment. What if you miss your child’s one basket at their basketball game or your babies first step because you were on your phone. With Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, (I could go on and on) it is so easy to get distracted. But, moments spent with the people we love are so precious because you never know what could happen.

I suggest taking a week long hiatus from social media periodically. It really opens your eyes to how much time you spend on your phone. You reflect, actually have real conversations, and fall asleep quicker than if you were shining that bright light in your face before bed. It gives our fingers and our minds a break. People will probably tell you it is nice to see your face instead of buried in your phone! You will realize you listen more intently and can respond better when you’re not distracted. I would definitely give it a whirl and see you how you feel.

As I always say, you can speak anything to existence. I am moving in a couple of weeks and I have been telling myself that when all 4 of my family members go out to eat together, I will have them put their phones away. With our busy schedules, I wasn’t sure when we all would make this happen, but I knew it WOULD happen. Sure enough, tonight was the night! It was so refreshing to have conversations where everyone was engaged. No one was distracted and no one had to repeat themselves. I told them a couple hours disconnected will not kill them and I think we all enjoyed dinner even more. So put the phones away at dinner, focus on the road, and live in the moment.

Yours truly xo


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