You Have My Permission to Find Yourself.

Creating your best self. Everyone always says it, but what does it really mean? It may sound wonderful, but with the busy lives we lead, taking time for ourself is easier said than done. I challenge you to make YOU a priority. I’m giving you permission (reminding you) because this is something we tend to put on the back burner. Whether it’s 30 minutes a day or saying positive affirmations to yourself while driving to work, baby steps will make a big difference.

Becoming self-aware has been a turning point for me as I have made me a priority. When bad things happen, we fall victim or immediately start speaking negatively to the universe. Reflect on what this event was and how it made you feel. You will start to connect the dots on certain situations and how you react to them. Once you become aware of this, you will better prepare yourself for future instances. Ask yourself, “Why do I feel this way? What triggers my anxiety? Why do I immediately put everything on myself when really it’s not my fault?” These types of questions will help provide clarity. You will come to terms with your inner-self about things you may not have realized before.

Don’t be afraid to ween the negativity out of your life. This includes toxic relationships, negative self-talk, an unhealthy diet or a stressful career. These things will not aid in creating your best self, but will create the opposite. This process is also not easy, but as you begin to rid yourself, you will feel the weight slowly lift off your shoulders brick by brick. You start to see yourself in a new light. That dreadful mirror will become a reflection of that beautiful person smiling back at you. You will become more confident and begin to attract like human beings into your world. All of these puzzle pieces are crucial to finding the man or woman you truly wish to be.

You are in the driver’s seat. Nobody can create the life you want to live or the person you want to be but you. HOW POWERFUL IS THAT?! Gain that clarity, become self-aware, ween out the negative and start spreading the love. Make a list of the person you wish to be and how you want to be remembered by others. Take steps now, not Monday, not next month, NOW. Think of this process as a crockpot not a microwave, so be patient. Instant gratifications that will keep you motivated are being kind to others, positive self-talk, and waking up grateful each and every day. There is only one of you, never forget that.

So go out and create your best self because remember….I gave you permission! xo


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